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The company motto is Caring . Helping Rebuild Lives


After an injury, there are many challenges to overcome. These may include pain, loss of function, job security, medical issues and financial problems. People often feel a loss of control over their lives. Mike listens with understanding; then develops the action plan to create an opportunity for success. Through the services he provides, Mike helps them regain control of their lives and their futures.

Helping Rebuild Lives

People with serious injuries face serious economic jeopardy. To pursue a return to being economically whole is a natural wish. Mike has the experience and determination to help people devise rehabilitation and retraining programs that hold up in a court of law. Mike's skill and knowledge of the processes and systems involved help make the journey from injury back to work conceivable. "Regardless of one's life situation, it is always about choosing to make the best of it."

Stand-Alone Vocational Counseling

Mike is experienced at taking career counseling cases to court and prevailing. Whether it is applying workers compensation case law such as Poole and Varda, the experience is not simple guidance counseling. It is deriving options which facilitate positive outcomes for people because it is required to do so. This means matching interests, achieved abilities and aptitudes to projected growth and income opportunities. But what it really means is helping people,regardless of circumstance, to obtain a better quality of life.


Mike has been involved in Minnesota workers compensation since 1985. He has also conducted evaluations and / or counseling for people with personal injuries, Social Security Disability claims, Long Term Disability, undergoing divorce, in union arbitration, or stand alone vocational counseling. He has been in private practice with his own firm since 2004. He has been active in professional as well as community organizations, and is a Past President of the Minnesota Association of Rehabilitation Providers.

When to Request a Referral

There are no bad questions and there is never a bad time to ask about possible services. Anytime there is a possible change of life circumstance: a serious injury, a divorce, a possible change of jobs, a pay cut, there may be a benefit to a vocational or rehabilitation consultation. Mike will provide the client an opportunity to be heard. If deemed appropriate, the first step is to conduct some type of vocational evaluation / consultation. Contact Mike or have your client contact Mike via phone, fax, or email to find out if he can help.

Why Choose Mike?

  • Experienced and Professional
  • Excellent Independent Vocational Evaluations and Court Testimony
  • Caring and Facilitative Medical Case Management
  • Helping Rebuild Lives through retraining plan development and job placement
  • Stand alone Vocational Testing and Counseling

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